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We have always helped our clients with all their fencing works for some good number of years now. Our years of hard work has made us the best Michigan fence company. Our work culture and our quality towards giving detail to every minute things always work in favor of us. Grand Rapids Fence Company is your local fence company that can help you with the installation and maintenance of any type of cages and enclosures for any commercial or home project at the best price available in the market.

Some Of The Fencing Types We Install

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Chain link fencing

Chain link fencing is widely used or taken into consideration, because of their affordability and efficiency in keeping away trespassers and animals from hindering inside a restricted area.

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Vinyl Fences

When affordability is considered, vinyl fences serve to be the best option for any type of fencing project. Vinyl fencing generally comes in a wide variety of colors and styles, such that it can create a style quotient to the places where it is installed. The availability of colors in these fencing options can turn a space beautiful in no matter of time

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Simtek Fences

While thinking of cost-saving while you are planning to install a new set of fences for your project, Simtek fences can be a perfect choice. They are best when it comes to providing both decoration and usefulness especially to those areas where it is installed.

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Steel & Aluminum Fences

People around the US love to use steel and aluminum for their fencing needs. These fences are mostly seen in some ornamental designs, adding texture to the areas where installed. Both the two types of fencing have some differences or other in themselves. It can be difficult to find out the differences, just by having a glance at it, but some important bits can help us determine which one of the two works best for your project.

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Aluminum Porch Hand Railing

Aluminum porch handrails are commonly made in the factory premises. These hand railings need a trained professional for their installation process. Our trained technicians make sure you get the best quality aluminum porch hand railing and the installation process is conducted keeping the time frame in mind.

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Michigan Cedar Wood Fencing

Michigan cedar wood fencing works great when privacy is the concern. They are mostly tall in height and helps in preventing any trespassers or unwanted animals from intruding inside a property.

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Ornamental Aluminum & Steel Fencing

If adding curb appeal is your main priority while adding a new protective fence to your structure, then ornamental aluminum and steel fencing should be at the top of your bucket list. The ornamental aluminum and steel fencing is decorative, appealing, and even provides security to every place where it is installed.

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Guard rails

Guard rails are most commonly installed in spaces such as commercial estates, buildings, or by the side of the driveway. The guardrails plays a massive role in preventing any major mishaps by not allowing any vehicles from entering the sidewalk of the road. is your local fence company that can help you with the installation and maintenance of guard rails for any commercial or home project at the best price available in the market.

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Gate Operators

Protecting your home from only the finest quality of protective fencing or gate operators is the main priority for many. Gate operators work best when it comes to providing security and protection to your house. These operators are generally a type of electrical machineries that are installed in the gates which helps in proving some added protection from them being opened by someone unknown or some trespassers.

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Dock Parts

Dock parts consist of many items altogether, among which the fences play a very big role. Adding fences all across the dock area helps in adding protection to a completely new level making it difficult for any trespassers or intruders to breakthrough.

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Tennis Courts

Adding safety enclosures all across the tennis court is important because it plays a very big role in providing added security and safety to both the spectators and the players inside the court. is your local fence company that can help you with the installation and maintenance of tennis court fencing for any commercial or home project at the best price available in the market.

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Dumpster Enclosures

Dumpster enclosures are a great protection for any sort of dumpsters from any unwanted intruders especially stray animals and humans. A full-sized dumpster enclosure helps in providing an aesthetically pleasing appearance from the outside.

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Back Stops

Backstop fences are very common in baseball, basketball, and softball grounds. They show their usefulness in protecting the viewers from those balls flying in the air, by blocking their way to the stands. Backstop fencing comprises of chain links and are commonly very tall in their height. The top part of these fences is curved towards the inside of the playing area.

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Temporary Fence

Temporary fencing works best when it comes to adding protection to some sort of events. Apart from that, these fencing can even be used in other types of ways, depending on their make. There are a lot of companies in Grand Rapids, that provide customers with services of temporary type of fencing. is your local fence company that can help you with the installation and maintenance of temporary fencing for any commercial or home project at the best price available in the market.

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Dog Kennels

Americans love their dogs. Overtime their pets become just like their family members. Providing dogs with their basic needs like dog houses or dog kennels are something which is of utmost importance. These structures can be of two types, either permanent or temporary depending on the home owners needs and how long he or she wants to use it.

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Cages & Enclosures

Cages and enclosures are mostly used in a wide variety of things. What we actually mean is, their usage is widely based on their construction and their material type.

Grand Rapids Fence Company is now one of the best fence installer in Grand Rapids. We got this name and fame mainly because of our world class infrastructure and high-quality work. Our team can help in providing the best fencing job for you at the cheapest price available in the market.