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Frequently Asked Questions

How Soon Can You Install My Fence?

Time taken for the installation of a particular type of fence depends on several factors. The type of fence that a customer wants to be installed and the time of the season when it is purchased are two of the many factors that can adversely affect the time frame of fence installation. Material fabrication and the permits required for the project takes almost around five to six weeks to be done. On the other hand, projects that don’t require any material fabrication or permits can be started just within a time frame of about two to four weeks.


How Tall Should My Fence Be?

The total height in which the home fencing is to be constructed mainly depends on its use. Fences that are used for security purposes can vary from five feet to seven feet in height, whereas the fences that are installed for decoration can be short in nature and it can be around three to four feet tall. A fence that is designed to accommodate dogs of small breed or other types of small pets or children can only be tall by around four feet, while fences that need to accommodate large breed dogs can be as tall as seven feet to ten feet.

Should the Fence Touch the Ground?

Only the fence posts are eligible to touch the ground, no other fencing materials should ever touch the earth by any means. Other than the fence post, if anything else touches the ground, it thereby makes the yard maintenance a very difficult task. Other than this, it may also make the fence materials to get damaged by moisture or catch rust depending on its type. In case if you are planning to install fences to keep away rodents, rats or other insects from entering your garden area, in that case, you can make your fence to touch the floor or the ground. Other than this, it also serves to be very useful if you are having a dog of small breed or other pets that can dig under the fence that doesn’t touch the earth.

What Materials Should I Use For My Fence?

The types that are hugely preferred for the fencing are wood, vinyl, aluminum, steel etc. Wood fences, are generally made from a wide variety of lumber and are typically installed by placing the panels, side by side. On the other hand, vinyl type of fences are mostly manufactured in the factory and are installed by panels or sections instead of individually installing the boards. Metal fences such as aluminum or steel, can be purchased in the form of metal panels or chain link fences.

What Type Of Fencing Materials Do You Install?

No matter, what your fencing requirement is, a wooden fencing or a vinyl fence, Grandrapidsfencecompany.com can surely help you with all types of fencing needs. Our licensed, insured and trusted fence installers work with almost all types of fencing materials that are available in the market.

Some of the most common types of fencing that we have installed for our clients are as follows:

  • Simtek fences.
  • Wooden fences.
  • Vinyl fences.
  • Chain link fences.
  • Ornamental steel and aluminum fencing.
  • Backstop fences.

How Deep Should My Fence Post Be?

The exact depth of the fence post varies at almost all times and it completely depends on the overall length and height of the fence. How deep the fence post would be is indeed very difficult to say. In most cases, 3 feet is considered to be an ideal depth and it can even be deeper in case of a tall fence. holes made must be wide by a few inches than the posts in order to place the concrete that can help in supporting the posts. Therefore, the exact dimensions will be completely dependent on the fence height and the fence materials.

How Long Will My Fence Installation Take?

We generally finish a fence installation process in just a week. At the most, the installation process consists of a work of two to three days in total. The working days are generally non-consecutive, in order to allow the cement work to cure or dry up. When it comes to the installation of custom gates the total time consumption can be a bit more. Most of the time these custom-sized gates are ordered, only after the installation of the gate posts which can extend the total project completion time by another two to three weeks.

Are There Legal Restrictions on My Fence?

This completely depends on the place where you are staying. There might be chances of zoning ordinances at your place, that might require you to get permissions before you start with your fence building process. The design, height, and material of your particular fence might also fall under restriction of the local rules or ordinances of the house owner’s association. These rules are mostly affected, in case if you stay in a subdivision that has deed restrictions or other important binding guidelines.

Do I Need To Consult My Neighbors?

While it is always not necessary to consult your neighbors before you start the installation process, but letting your neighbors know ahead of time can be taken into consideration as a common courtesy. In case if your neighbors have any pets, it is always a good idea to let them be aware of the upcoming fencing project. In that way, they can keep their pets safe, and if they think of contributing to the installation cost or paying a part of it, then you must always let them know in advance. Homeowners association guidelines or your local ordinances might also require you to let your neighbors know about the upcoming project before we commence our job.

Do You Offer Free Estimates?

Yes, we can surely help all our clients by providing some free of cost estimates. Our process of estimating the overall cost is free, fast, and secure than almost all other companies. It helps us in reviewing or measuring your land and prepare the estimated cost directly from our office. It is not required for us to spend hours in scheduling a visit to your yards.

Does The Weather Affect The Installation?

Sometimes bad weather can seriously affect the whole process of fence installation. In case the weather outside is highly humid or if it is rainy, it can cause trouble in setting the concrete while the posts are getting installed. In case, if the outside temperature is too low or too high, not only it can negatively affect the concrete in setting down, it can even cause contraction or swelling of your fence materials. It is always advisable to install a fence on a warm day, when there aren’t any predictions of rainfall for the next few days.