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Dock parts consist of many items altogether, among which the fences play a very big role. Adding fences all across the dock area helps in adding protection to a completely new level making it difficult for any trespassers or intruders to breakthrough. There are many companies out there that are based in Grand Rapid who mainly deals with dock items and other materials that are related to it. They at most times only help the customers just with the installation process of the dock railings. has successfully served clients in Grand Rapids for more than a decade now. is your local fence company that can help you with the installation and maintenance of any type of dock parts and fencing for any commercial or home project at the best price available in the market.

Our years of experience in serving the people of Grand Rapids and its nearby areas with their dock needs, we will make sure that you are always connected to the best person who can help you with all your requirements.

Fence installation Grand Rapids

Different Types Of Dock Parts That Are Available With Us

Grand Rapids Fence Company deals with almost all types of dock materials such as

  • Boat docks.
  • Dock floats.
  • Dock hardware such as bracket, kit, permafloat, tommydocks, hinges etc.
  • Dock ladders.
  • Boat hardware.
  • Multunautic floating dock kit.
  • Dock fenders and bumpers.

Grand Rapids Fence Company is now one of the best fencing contractors in Grand Rapids. We got this name and fame mainly because of our world class infrastructure and high-quality work. We take immense pride in our customer service and our detail-oriented nature. Over all these years of providing service to the people of Grand Rapid we have gained a lot of experience.