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We have helped our clients with all their fencing needs for the past 18 years now. Our work has made us the best Grand Rapids Fence Company and also the most trusted one.

We are always striving to remain the best in the industry. As a brand, we know what it really takes to make a promise and how to keep up with that. We are constantly trying to keep the time frame and affordability in mind while reaching out to our customers. As for now, we are serving the people of Grand Rapids and its nearby areas.

Why You Must Choose Grand Rapids Fence Company For Any Of Your Fencing Needs?

Service and Reliability:

Everyone among us knows, how bad our construction industry is. The industry is very much ill-famed for no-showups and postponed deadlines. We know how often all these things happen. But we even know what it takes to make a promise and how to keep up with that. Serving our clients has always been our first and foremost priority and we are striving to hold that position in the future. Serving customers is what we have done in all these years and it has always remained as our main priority. We believe in good communication with our customers no matter whether he or she is a prospective client or a paying customer. Our dedicated customer care team, pays attention to leave no stones unturned and even gives no scope of communication gap or customer mishandling. We take pride in our world-class customer service and our reliability over these years. Whenever it comes to be on schedule, you can always count on us.

Best In Class Craftsmanship:

There are many fencing companies out there in the markets of Grand Rapid, who are known to chop out the corners to get a project done and collect their paycheck. But whenever it lands to us, we make sure your project is done perfectly with no set of complaints and that it last for a really long time. We don’t believe in easy ways of completing a project, we make sure that the job is completed in the right way such that only quality comes into notice. We make use of only the best grade materials available in the market such that your fencing lasts for many years. com is your local fence company that can help you with the installation and maintenance of any type of fencing for any commercial or home project at the best price available in the market.


Our years of experience working with fencing projects gives us enough knowledge to work on the different types of fences and gates all throughout Grand Rapid. We do take pride not only in helping clients with their fencing work but even with some basic fence maintenance tips such that their fencing lasts for a long period of time. If you are planning to have us help you with your fencing project, we can at least assure you that after we have visited, you will be having all the knowledge required to give your place a big makeover all together.


The chain-link type of fencing can be commonly seen across the United States. They are used so widely mainly because of their variety in design, affordability, and efficiency in stopping any trespassers or animals from hindering inside a place.

When affordability is considered, vinyl fences serve to be the best option for any type of fencing project. Vinyl fencing generally comes in a wide variety of colors and styles, such that it can create a style quotient to the places where it is installed. The availability of colors in these fencing options can turn a space beautiful in no matter of time.

While thinking of cost-saving while you are planning to install a new set of fences for your project, Simtek fences can be a perfect choice. They are best when it comes to providing both decoration and usefulness especially to those areas where it is installed.

Aluminum porch handrails are commonly made in the factory premises. These hand railings need a trained professional for their installation process.

Michigan cedar wood is typically the most used fencing type when it comes to privacy. This type of fencing is best for anyone who wants privacy over anything else. Michigan cedar wood fencing generally comes in a very tall height, preventing intruders or people to look inside an enclosed area.

If adding curb appeal is your main priority while adding a new protective fence to your structure, then ornamental aluminum and steel fencing should be at the top of your bucket list. The ornamental aluminum and steel fencing is decorative, appealing, and even provides security to every place where it is installed.

Guard rails are most commonly installed in spaces such as commercial estates, buildings, or by the side of the driveway. The guardrails plays a massive role in preventing any major mishaps by not allowing any vehicles from entering the sidewalk of the road.

Protecting your home from only the finest quality of protective fencing or gate operators is the main priority for many. Gate operators work best when it comes to providing security and protection to your house.

Dock parts consist of many items altogether, among which the fences play a very big role. Adding fences all across the dock area helps in adding protection to a completely new level making it difficult for any trespassers or intruders to breakthrough.

Adding safety enclosures all across the tennis court is important because it plays a very big role in providing added security and safety to both the spectators and the players inside the court.

Dumpster enclosures are a great protection for any sort of dumpsters from any unwanted intruders especially stray animals and humans. A full-sized dumpster enclosure helps in providing an aesthetically pleasing appearance from the outside.

Backstop fences are very common in baseball, basketball, and softball grounds. They show their usefulness in protecting the viewers from those balls flying in the air, by blocking their way to the stands. Backstop fencing comprises of chain links and are commonly very tall in their height.

Temporary fencing works best when it comes to adding protection to some sort of events. Apart from that, these fencing can even be used in other types of ways, depending on their make.

Americans love their dogs. Overtime their pets become just like their family members. Providing dogs with their basic needs like dog houses or dog kennels are something which is of utmost importance.

Cages and Enclosures are mostly used for different types of things. What we mean by saying this is, its usage can help us in determining the exact material type that it can be constructed from.

Grand Rapids Fence Company Is Known As The Best Fence Installation Company in Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids Fence Company is now one of the best fence companies in Grand Rapids. We got this name and fame mainly because of our world class infrastructure and high-quality work. We take immense pride in our customer service and our detail-oriented nature. Over all these years of providing service to the people of Grand Rapid we have gained a lot of experience. Our team can help in providing the best fencing job for you at the cheapest price available in the market.

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Happy Customers

“They gave us a good fence, a great price, and the benefit of their solid work ethic. This was the first major home renovation we have ever undertaken and they walked us through the cost, the materials and the layout. They were excellent communicators every step of the way. Any concerns we had were promptly and professionally addressed and we could not be happier with our new fence. Thanks, guys!”
“Good work! They did my side chain link fence for my dogs and also did my side aluminum fence. Professional clean work. Thanks again.”
“The employees had really great customer service & clear communication. I really appreciated the fact they took the time to go over design ideas & explain every little detail with me. For someone who knows very little about construction, they made me feel confident & at ease. Would definitely come back for more work!”
“My fence was falling down and needed repair. I contacted them on a Friday, they quickly came to give me an estimate and assured me they could solve my problem. The following Monday they were there on time to begin the job. They finished in 2 days as stated and handled any obstacle.I am very happy with the detail of the work and the price was very good.”
“Great Service from the beginning!! They came and installed my new fence in no time and within budget highly recommend this Fence Company…!”
“This company was great to work with. Our project manager was very responsive. Quick to answer questions and to handle issues as they arose. The crew was professional, efficient, and cleaned up after themselves. The final product is gorgeous!’